Senin, 07 September 2009

dresses (again)

dress, betty la shop scarf (in the second picture), naughty

dress, betty la shop
bigfoot sandals, naughty

thanks yaaaw betty la shop, i really like the dress (the first picture not a dress actually)
FYI, i bought new clothes yesterday, so i'll upload the pictures next day

XOXO cudds

Sabtu, 05 September 2009

my mom's dress

dress, my mom's headband, strawberry bag, toy's city glasses, bekasi mall

actually, that bag is 'high school musical' my old bag, but i like it very much, the bag is small but simple.

dress, my mom's shoes, gosh bag, metro

yeah, this one is my favorite dress. For my mom, it used to top, but when i tried that dress for me it is a dress. What do you think ?


white shirt, metro pink skirt, my ballet skirt pink stocking,melawai market white glasses, bekasi mall

i was so boring, and when i opened my wardrobe, i found my old ballet skirt. So, yeah i tried to have an "action" with it. that's the result
you know what? i don't really like that style -,-

simple style

yesterday i went to teras kota, and watched movie (i forget the title). the movie wasn't good enough.

me (right) t-shirt, blitz megaplex hi-waist skirt, made by tailor

i know, my style was so simple. -,- wait for another post yeaaa

xoxo cudds

Jumat, 04 September 2009


hello, this is my new blog yeeeah.. i wanna use this blog to share about my fashion ..
if you like it, you can copy it. but if you don't like, please shut up.

you can visit my daily blog